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Vol. 1 No. 1 January - March 2011

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Research Articles



Hs-CRP - A Potential Marker for Coronary Heart Disease

Sudha Thakur, Shallu Gupta, Hundal Parchwani, Vidhi Shah and Vandana Yadav


Fusarium semitectum as a Dominant Seed-borne Pathogen in Dalbergia sissoo Roxb., Its Location in Seed and Its Phytopathological Effects

Sarika Gupta, Ashish Dubey and Tribhuwan Singh


Pollen Morphology of Some Desertic Crucifers

Anil Arora and Archana Modi


Anatomical and Morphological Abnormalities Produced by Dermal Application of Acrylamide in Male and Female Swiss Albino Mice

Mona Arora,  Manisha Gupta


Micropropagation and Anatomical Comparision of In Vivo and In Vitro Developed Shoot and Root in Cassia auriculata L. - A Medicinally Important Plant

Roshan Singh Negi, Kailash Chand Sharma and Manju Sharma


Stem-Node-Leaf Continuum in Indigofera linnaei Ali

RN Khorwal and KC Sharma


Ethnomedicinal Survey of Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary in Western Himalaya, India

Gajendra Singh and GS Rawat


Molecular Characterization of Mangifera indica by Using RAPD Marker

Rekha Bhargava and Ramnath Khorwal


Genetic Diversity and Variations in the Endangered Tree (Tecomella undulata) in Rajasthan

RS Negi, MK Sharma, KC Sharma, S Kshetrapal, SL Kothari and PC Trivedi


Ethnobotanical Studies on Medicinal Plants of Kaladera Region of Jaipur District

A Pareek and P C Trivedi

Short Communication



In Vitro Callus Induction and Regeneration of Healthy Plants of Gloriosa superba Linn.

Anirudha Rishi


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