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Publication Charges

Following is the Article Publication Charges and its Mode of Payment

A. Publication Fee:

I. For authors working currently in India

Publication Fee:  There is no article submission or processing charge. Open access publication Fee (to be paid after the paper is accepted) is Rs. 1500 for first author. After that, Rs. 500.00 (per author per article) will be applicable. Upper limit of the Total Publication Fee is Rs. 3500 even if the number of authors increases beyond 6. Being an online journal no hard copy of the journal or its part will be sent to the author(s). As the Journal is Open-Access type so authors can visit the Journal's WebPages freely and take out the printouts. Size limit for any Manuscript is 2 MB. If number of Tables, Figures and Words cross the recommended limit then Rs. 100 per Table or  Figure or page will be charged additionally.

II. For authors working outside India/Foreign Nationals

Publication Fee: There is no article submission and processing charges. 40 US Dollars per author per article as Publication Fee (to be paid after the paper is accepted). Upper limit of the  Total Publication Fee is US$200. Being an online journal no hard copy of the journal or its part will be sent to the author(s). Authors and readers can visit the Journal's WebPages, download and take out the printouts free of cost.

B. Mode of Payment:

I. Payment From Within India:

Payment can be made  as Cash/Internet or Mobile Banking or NEFT in the name 'Centre For Info Bio Technology'.

1. Name of Our Bank Account/Beneficiary Name: Centre For Info Bio Technology

Our Centre's Bank Account Number: 664820110000012

Bank Name: Bank of India

IFSC Code: BKID0006648

SWIFT Code (For Foreign Nationals): BKIDINBBJPR

Payable at: Jaipur

Bank Branch: Apex Circle, Malviya nagar

Type of Bank Account: Current Account

City: Jaipur

Country: India


II. Payment From Outside India: Payment can be made via any of the following three common modes-

1. For Payment Through 'MoneyGram Global Money Transfer Services' OR Western Union Money Transfer'  OR Xpress Money Keep Following Information With You:


Last Name: NEGI

City: Jaipur; Country: India

Address: 17, Narayan Sagar Vistaar, P.O. Mansarovar, Jaipur, India-302020


3. For Payment Through 'PAYPAL' Keep Following Information With You:

Beneficiary Name: Centre for Info Bio Technology

PayPal E-mail Id: [Please add a PayPal processing fee for 5% of total USD, if it is done via paypal]

Country: India

City: Jaipur

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