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Vol. 1 No. 2 April - June 2011

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Research Article



In Vitro Antimycotic Activity of Some Medicinal Plants Against  Human Pathogenic Dermatophytes

Seema Bhadauria and Padma Kumar


Etiological Agents of Onychomycosis from a Tertiary Care Hospital in Central Delhi, India

Ahuja Sanjiv, Malhotra Shalini, Hans Charoo


Enzyme Catalyzed Synthesis of Serotonyl and Epinephryl Glycosides Using Amyloglucosidase from Rhizopus Mold

Ganesan Vadivelan and Soundar Divakar


Immuno-diagnosis of Some Microbial Antigens and Antibodies Using Dissociated Immune Complexes and Serum: A Comparative Study

Ezeani Michael, Onyenekwe Charles, Anahalu Ikenna and Uzodimma Samuel


Effect of Etanercept on Atrial Natriuretic Peptide Induced Changes in Heart Rate and Biochemical Parameters

Chitran A, Aniket Kumar and Manoj G Tyagi


Larvicidal Property of Aqueous Extracts of Withania Somnifera on Tribolium castenum

Mona Arora, Jyotshana Sharma, Ambica Singh, RS Negi


Effect Of Non-Volatile Compounds Produced By Trichoderma Spp. on Growth and Sclerotial Viability of Rhizoctonia Solani, Incitant of Sheath Blight of Rice

B Nagendra Prasad and M Reddi Kumar


Life Cycle of Tetranychus cinnabarinus (Boisduval) (Acari: Tetranychidae) on Lablab Bean

Sangeetha G Kaimal and N Ramani


Titration of Rabies Virus - CVS 11 Strain, Subsequent Replication in Speckled Mammalian Cell Lines

M Maheshwara Reddy, N Jyothirmayi, S H K R Prasad and R Chakravarthy


Can VAM Occurring in the Rhizosphere of Cowpea Be A Source of Natural Antagonist to Heterodera Cajani Population?

Sonali Pandey


Biodiversity of Weed Species in Crop Fields of North Coastal   Andhra Pradesh, India

Prayaga Murty P and M Venkaiah


Pollination Leads to Oxidative Stress: An Analysis in the Floral Organs of Coelogyne Cristata Lindl. (Orchidaceae)

Lucky K Attri and Harsh Nayyar


The Study of Dermatoglyphics in Diabetics of North Coastal Andhra Pradesh Population

M Pramila Padmini, B Narasinga Rao and B Malleswari


In Vitro Regeneration of the Medicinal Herb, Evolvulus Nummularius L. From Shoot Tip and Flower Explants

DSVGK Kaladhar, S Harasreeramulu, Govinda Rao Duddukuri and CH Surekha


Wild Harvesting and Management of Some Medicinal Plants in the Natural Forest of Central India

Manish Mishra


Long Bones are Not Just Props of the Structures Held By It

Swapan Kumar Adhikari, Shibendra Kumar Saha


Bioactive Nature of Flavonoids from Cassia siamea and Lantana camara

Seema Bhadauria and Hari Singh


Evaluation of Suitability of Sago (Tapioca Starch) As a Functional Ingredient in Ice Cream

Mayank Patel, Suneeta Pinto, Jana A, Aparnathi KD


Studies on the Family Plagiorchiidae Luhe, 1901 with Redescription of Plagiorchis Bulbulii Mehra, 1937 A Digenetic Trematode Collected from Two Different Hosts in Kashmir, India

VK Kharoo


Alterations in Lipid Fraction Levels in Subclinical Hypothyroidism in North Indian Population

Kuldip Singh, Saranpal Singh


Performance of Madras Red Sheep in Kancheepuram District

D Balasubramanyam and P Kumarasamy


Efficiency  Assessment  of  Combined  Treatment Technologies:  A Case  Study of  Charminar  Brewery Wastewater  Treatment  Plant

Desitti  Chaitanyakumar,  Syeda  Azeem  Unnisa,  Bhupatthi  Rao and G Vasanth Kumar


Impact of Oranochlorine and Organophosphorus Pesticides on Ascorbic Acid Content in Fresh Water Lamellibranch Mollusc Lamellidens Corrianus During Monsoon Season

VS Kamble, UV Gavhane, KR Rao


A Comparative Study of Parasites Infecting Some Selected Fishes from the Water Bodies of Kashmir Valley

Ruqaya Yousuf, Sajad Hussain Mir, Abdul Wahid Shah and Gulzar Ahmad Ganaie


Distribution of Moss in the Topography of Kangra District (H.P.)

Sanjay Kumar Sharma and RR Choyal


Contribution of Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPS) To Livelihood Economy of the People Living in Forest Fringes in Changlang District of Arunachal Pradesh, India

R Sarmah and A Arunachalam


Goat Milk Ice Cream: A Value Added Milk Product for Livelihood

AT Lokhande, AB Matkar, SB Adangale, SD Mandakmale


An overview of Screening and Tentative Optimization of Microbial Xylanase from  soil samples collected from  Chittoor paper industry

Vuppu Suneetha, Ram Kishore,  Bishwambhar mishra and Pravesh chaubey


Impact of Salt Concentration on Electricity Production in Microbial Hydrogen Based Salt Bridge Fuel Cells

A Muralidharan, OK Ajay Babu, K Nirmalraman, M Ramya


Induced Vivipary in Sesamum indicum L. by Seed Borne Infection of Phytophthora parasitica var. sesame

Ashish Dubey, Sarika Gupta and Tribhuwan Singh

Case Report



Incidence of Skeletal Dysplasias in North Coastal Andhra Pradesh

B Narasinga Rao, M Pramila Padmini


Vancomycin  Resistant Enterococcus Causing Bloodstream Infection

Ganesan Vithiya, Belgode Narasimha Harish, SC Parija


Suburethral Prolene Mesh for Stress Urinary Incontinence Are the Needles Really Needed?

Nirmala Duhan and Urmila Duhan

Review Article



Cultivar Options for Increasing Pearl Millet Productivity in Arid Regions

VK Manga and Arun Kumar


Role of Leptin in Diabetes Mellitus

Ravipati Sarath and B Rajkumar


A Review on Antiviral and Antibacterial Surgical Gown and Drapes

V Parthasarathi and G Thilagavathi


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